Welcome to the Jamaica Travel Addict!

01 Jan
Hermosa Cove Jamaica Travel Addict

View of the beach at Hermosa Cove, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Welcome  to the Jamaica Travel Addict!

I never really had an interest in visiting Jamaica. From an early age, I had an appreciation of Bob Marley’s music and even dated a guy in high school who’s father was from the island. But as an adult, numerous work trips to Puerto Rico and vacations to other Caribbean islands kept Jamaica off my radar.  To be honest, I kinda viewed the Caribbean as one dimensional — sun, sand and sea — and that’s it.

When I started blogging, I was in a sprint to see as much of the world as quickly as possible (courtesy of my 30 by 30 travel challenge). While it was a great push to get back living life on my terms, it wasn’t sustainable. The week-long trips and back and forth flights across the globe were draining and I found myself spending too much of my “vacation” sick or feeling like I hadn’t even scratched the surface on what the place had to offer.

But that all changed with a wedding. A graduate school buddy proposed and being the travel lovers that he and his fiance are, decided to tie the knot in Jamaica. I’ve not regretted a single place I’ve visited, but thankfully Jamaica stopped me in my tracks and caused me to want to dig deeper. To learn and experience more. Meet more people. And that’s what I did.

Jamaica Travel Addict Helshire Beach

Bob Marley sighting at Hellshire Beach, Portmore, Jamaica

Jamaica has a way of grabbing onto you and not letting you go. It’s such an intoxicating destination. Each trip became longer and longer until I was planning recurring 3 month stays around events and obligations in the US.

To date, I’ve traveled to all 14 parishes on the island and since late 2011, Kingston has been more home than anywhere else in the world.  That’s not to say I know every nook and cranny of the island, but I’ve experienced a lot, more than the average traveler and more than some Jamaicans.

There’s No Right or Wrong Way to Explore Jamaica

Regardless of your age, interests, or travel style, Jamaica likely has something to suit you. The challenge is finding and planning those unique and personalized experiences to fit within your budget, time frame and/or other constraints.

Jamaica Travel Addict west Indies Cricket

At West Indies cricket match with Peter Matthews  Sabina Park, Kingston, Jamaica

I started Jamaica Travel Addict to share Jamaica from my perspective — an American traveler and (part-time) expat and others who love this place as much as I do — to:

I hope you join us on this ride!

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