5 Reasons You Need a Jamaica Cell Phone Rental

20 Jan
Jamaica Cell Phone Rental

Stay connected while on vacation in Jamaica with Island Phone Rentals.

5 Reasons You Need a Jamaica Cell Phone Rental

Yes, vacations are time to relax and enjoy being away from home and the stress of the normal work day. As much as I know you’d love to lock your phone and laptop away at home until you return, the reality is, at some point you’ll need to be in contact with someone by phone.  Here are 5 reasons you should rent a cell phone one on your next vacation to Jamaica.

Avoid Astronomical Roaming Charges

After receiving one $380 cell phone bill after less than a week on vacation, I learned my lesson. Even with the international plans most of the major cell providers have created, you can still expect inflated bills with calls costing about $2/minute, $.50/text and $25+/5 MB of data.

With a Jamaica cell phone rental, you enjoy the very affordable local rates for testing, internet, local and international calls at a very low daily pre-paid rate.

Staying Connected  

While on vacation, you typically don’t want to be tied to electronics, but there will definitely be some point you’ll need to connect with someone back home. Working with a tour guide or local driver? Need to connect with other visitors or friends on the island? Having a local cell phone keeps you connected with the people that matter during your trip only. It also significantly reduces the cost of staying connected.

Wi-Fi Doesn’t Always Work

Using wi-fi for data services is a great option or using your phone while abroad. You can get email, check Facebook and the like. However wi-fi is not always readily available and when it is can come at a premium (up to $35/day at some resorts). Furthermore, applications like Skype mobile don’t work with wi-fi.

Use your rental phone as a hot spot

Need to hop online with your laptop or tablet? Some rental phones can even be used as a wireless hot spot and connect up to five other devices. Be sure to inquire if you think that may be needed on your trip.

Stay prepared in Emergency Situations 

In the event of an emergency, whether you get lost or get separated from your group and/or tour guide, having a local phone can save you. Be sure to save important numbers like your hotel and any direct contacts to have them handy when you need them. FYI, the emergency assistance number in Jamaica is 119. 

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Launched in 2013, Island Phone Rentals provides cell phone rentals for travelers vacationing in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril areas of Jamaica. With your rental you receive unlimited Calls to US, India, Canada, Spain, UK and China (land lines only for Spain and UK). They pride themselves on having a hassle free rental experience:

  • No connection fees
  • No roaming charges
  • Island wide coverage
  • Free incoming texts and voice mail
  • Free pick up at the airport or drop off at your accommodations

Rent a cell phone with Island Phone Rentals for your next Jamaica vacation and get the 7th day free!



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