Meet the Locals: Elva Ruddock, Media Personality and Comedianne

15 Apr


I first found Elva via social media. I can’t remember if it was Twitter or Facebook, but it wasn’t long before her mix of inspiration and hilarious posts were one of the highlights of my mornings. I’ve yet to see her perform live, but if her status updates are any indication, I’m in for a great time. ..

Elva Ruddock

Elva Ruddock, Media personality and comedienne


Elva Ruddock


Kingston, Jamaica

Current Hometown

Portmore, St. Catherine


Media personality and stand up comedienne

Why people should visit Jamaica?

Jamaica has some of the best food and most beautiful beaches anywhere in the world,  hands down. The night life in Kingston should be experienced 1st hand since videos and photos don’t do it enough justice. Being the birthplace of reggae and dancehall, music plays an instrumental part in most things we do for entertainment. There is a generous offering of theater acts on any given night too.



Biggest misconception you want to dispel about Jamaica

We are not who our media portrays us to believe. We dont all wear slips and rollers and pat our weaves when we talk. English is our language and many Jamaicans have a pretty good command of it. We have business enterprises and opportunities. It’s not just shanties and huts. Not everyone smokes weed and says ‘yea mon’.

Favorite place you’ve traveled

Outside of JA…Antigua.

Place you’d like to visit

Hawaii, because it has island vibe and its so highly touted in magazines.


Stay Connected

Twitter: @ElvaJamaica
Facebook: Elva Ruddock


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