Meet the Locals: Janeen Johnson, Accountant + Travel Writer

13 May
Janeen April Appleton Estate Rum Tour St. Elizabeth Jamaica

Sipping rum after the Appleton Estate rum tour in St. Elizabeth

Janeen is by far one of my favorite people in Jamaica. To many, she is Queen Jamaica! She’s hosted over 100 Couchsurfers from across the globe  in her home in Kingston, and is always down to go exploring, get lost and get into a little bit of trouble with me. You might also recognize Janeen from and her site where she has penned articles about Bacchanal, Jamaica’s carnival or her own site, The Dryalnd Tourist where she talks of her love of mangoes, life in Jamaica and her globe trotting. She will also be a periodic contributor here at the Jamaica Travel Addict.

Jamaica Travel Addict writer Janeen Johnson

Janeen, accountant and travel writer/blogger


Janeen Johnson


Black River, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Current Home 

Kingston, Jamaica


Accounting Professional | Freelance Writer | Travel Blogger

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a fun person, happy person, a bit of a free spirit , I like to go where the wind blows me. There is no one word to describe me. I think I am the person that everybody knows but nobody knows. People always wonder about me and I like it like that. People outside of my circle think I don’t work. I’ve been told that I always look like I am on vacation but to the contrary, I work extremely hard, people just never see me working.
Janeen Sav-La-Mar-Jamaica

Enjoying the afternoon at a little Sav-La-Mar road side bar.

Why people should visit Jamaica?

Growing up in rural Jamaica , where everything is quiet, nothing exciting happens besides your neighbor’s business and goats wreaking havoc on your garden, Kingston was always my dream. Everyone I know feared Kingston and always avoided it completely and for that reason it appealed to me. I don’t like to go with the crowd.I ran away to Kingston at 17 then later wrote my Mom that I was taking charge of my life , not to worry about me. To date it is one of the best decisions of my life.
Why visit Kingston? The nightlife, food, quality entertainment which is often cheap or free. I like that I can be out and about all day then come home sleep wake up at 11pm, go out at midnight to a street party in the heart of the ghetto then by 3am have tea and pastries somewhere fancy before going home.
Why Jamaica? Because it is Jamaica and there is no place like it! There are beautiful places across the world with gorgeous beaches but Jamaica is a feeling , a vibe that is unrivaled.

What’s the biggest misconception about Jamaica you want to dispel?

Biggest misconception is that it is too touristy. It is possible to be in Jamaica and not see a single tourist. Some people tend to shy away from visiting because they have the impression it is just beach, reggae music and rasta. Jamaica is so much more. It is a melting pot for different cultures and with a little research you can find just about anything. Jamaica is also not just the Islands. All islands are different and we have too much personality as a people to be grouped. We can’t be confused with any other country.
Janeen Johnson and friends meet Usain Bolt

Tell us about The Dryland Tourist

I received my first passport at 19, but I didn’t use it until 22 . Travel for Jamaicans is restricted, we can’t always go where we want to. This is why I go somewhere every chance I get because I know it is a privilege that I don’t have full control of. It can be taken away from me at any time. Sad but true.
Dryland Tourist  or as Jamaicans say Drylan’ Touris’  is a term often used to describe a person who behaves like a foreigner in their own country. Sometimes its the way you dress or if you are always exploring or up to some adventure. I have often been labeled a Drylan’ Touris’ because I love life and I am always seeking a way to enjoy beauty in my daily life.
I share my adventures, favorite places, music, food, events around Jamaica and sometimes abroad.  Sometimes we would be surprised how much beauty we miss because we are often too busy to notice and appreciate them.

Stay Connected with Janeen

Twitter: @JaneenWrites
Facebook: Dryland Tourist

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  1. Tysheena Louallen August 20, 2014 at 6:00 pm #

    I love Janeen. She is awesome. I am currently studying a travel writing program and can learn a lot from her as well as you April. I was just in Jamaica in June 2014 and am coming back in August 2015 to get married. Am ever excited. will also be applying for citizenship in August as well. This site will definately help me a lot. Now I get 2 doses of April, and a side of Janeen, how awesome, am subscribed to Travel Addict already… yesss! Thanks April

    • April Thompson August 20, 2014 at 7:04 pm #

      Congratulations! Super excited for you. On the writing course and upcoming wedding. :-) And yeah Janeen is pretty awesome!

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