Conversations in the Kitchen with Chef Charles Mattocks

15 Sep
Chef Charles Mattocks

Charles with Chefs Latoya and Ricardo

Not much beats connecting with friends over food, especially here in Jamaica: Sunday dinners, a quick froyo run to Tutti Frutti, scores of culinary events like Jamaica Epicurean Escape, or even impromptu gatherings with some of your foodie favorites. It’s the perfect way to catch up and wind down after a busy day at work, talk business or get to know someone new.

Conversations in the Kitchen  looks to offer a similar experience featuring notable Caribbean personalities we see or have heard of, but don’t really know their real story. Thalia Lyn, owner of the Island Grill fast food chain, former member of reggae band Third World, Carrot Jarrett, and top chef and caterer Lorraine Fung are just a few of the guests chopping it up in the kitchen with the show’s host, celebrity chef and diabetes advocate, Charles Mattocks.

Conversations in the Kitchen Trailer

I had the chance to catch up with Chef Mattocks, to learn more about this new Caribbean focused talk show.

We’re taking some of the most amazing people in the Caribbean and getting into who they truly are. You may see Usain Bolt run or have a local business owner that you admire, but you don’t know who they really are. So being able to tell the story of who they are behind the scene is really what we’re doing with the show.

Thalia Lyn from Island Grill  –great conversation! A lot of people look at Thalia and because they don’t know Thalia, they may think that she is a stone-cold business woman. Well, she is, but she’s got a side of her that really loves family; that really loves giving back. So we had a chance to see, through the show, a side of Thalia most people would never get to experience.

Conversations in the Kitchen isn’t just about the food and storytelling; it also shines a light on tourism in the region, featuring some of the best hotels, spas and attractions.

Right now we are looking to reach out to great people not just in the culinary space, but also in tourism as well. This isn’t your typical food talk show. So if there is a great chef that is working with a beautiful restaurant in the Bahamas or a sports star highlighting his favourite places in Trinidad and Tobago, we want to cover that too.

We went to the Jewel Paradise, Runaway Bay and sat with Chef Ravi who is from India and has an awesome story. We featured some of the hotel and its amenities, but the segment is equally about about Ravi as well. It’s an opportunity to allow visitors to understand more about the person behind the food they love and why the hotel serves their chosen cuisine.

It’s really about keeping that Caribbean vibe and enticing the millions of people that come to the region each year to continue to come to vacation and do business.

Chef Mattocks is no stranger to being in front of the camera. In addition to the documentary, The Diabetic You and reality show, Reversed, he’s made multiple appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox New The Talk, Martha Stewart, CNN, Dr. Oz and more.

Conversations in the Kitchen promises to be entertaining series that you don’t want to miss. It’s scheduled to air across the Caribbean as well as select destinations in the US and UK soon. Stay up to date with details and watch scenes from upcoming episodes at the site

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