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Conversations in the Kitchen with Chef Charles Mattocks

15 Sep
Chef Charles Mattocks

Not much beats connecting with friends over food, especially here in Jamaica: Sunday dinners, a quick froyo run to Tutti Frutti, scores of culinary events like Jamaica Epicurean Escape, or even impromptu gatherings with some of your foodie favorites. It’s the perfect way to catch up and wind down after a busy day at work, […]

Justice Pon Di Road: A Children’s Book about Jamaica

13 Jan
Jamaican Children's book Justice Pon Di Road

I’ve never actually met Aliona in person, even when we were both on the island at the same time. We connected via the internet and our shared love of travel, especially to Jamaica. More importantly she’s a firm believer in the power of travel and is dedicated to ensure her son, Justice, and children everywhere […]

Welcome to the Jamaica Travel Addict!

01 Jan
Jamaica Travel Addict Helshire Beach

Welcome  to the Jamaica Travel Addict! I never really had an interest in visiting Jamaica. From an early age, I had an appreciation of Bob Marley’s music and even dated a guy in high school who’s father was from the island. But as an adult, numerous work trips to Puerto Rico and vacations to other […]