Facts About Jamaica

About Jamaica

Facts About Jamaica: Lime Cay BeachJamaica, the third largest landfall in the Caribbean, is edged by a warm turquoise sea and hundreds of miles of pristine white sand beaches. Within its expansive interior, misty mountains, lush hills, and crystalline rivers seamlessly entwine vibrant towns, sleepy villages, and a cosmopolitan capital. While the island’s natural beauty is seductive, what truly makes it a must-visit destination is its dazzling cultural charms. From reggae and jerk to Rastafarianism and rum, this tropical paradise has a laid-back style and distinct African flavor that will linger long after you’ve departed, leaving you hungry for more.

Facts About Jamaica

Capital: Kingston
Currency: Jamaican dollar (Check Conversion Rates here)
Population: 2.8 million
Prime minister: Portia Simpson-Miller
Government: Parliamentary system, Constitutional monarchy, Democracy
Coat of Arms
A great source of historical pride which was bestowed under British Royal Warrant in 1661.
Facts About Jamaica: Jamaica Coat of Arms

Jamaica Coat of Arms

Motto of Jamaica
“Out of Many, One People” celebrates the multi-racial roots of the Jamaican people.
Facts About Jamaica: Jamaican motto out of many one people
Map of Jamaica
The island, which is the third largest in the Caribbean, is divided into 14 paradisaical parishes.
Facts about Jamaica: Map of Jamaica

Map of Jamaica with 14 parishes and their capitals.

National Anthem of Jamaica
This love song to Jamaica is actually a rousing, rhyming prayer. More on nation anthem can be found here: Jamaica, Land We Love
Facts about Jamaica: Jamaican Military
Jamaican Flag
Each color of the Jamaican flag represents a piece of the nation’s wealth: green for the lushness and fertility of its land, gold for the abundance and warmth of its sunshine, and black for the strength and perseverance of its people.
Facts About Jamaica: Jamaican Flag

Jamaican Flag

National Fruit
Originally from West Africa, the vibrant ackee now grows abundantly in Jamaica. Its buttery-nutty flavor goes wonderfully with saltfish, and together the delicious duo make a national dish.
Facts about Jamaica: Ackee national fruit

Ripe Ackee, Jamaica’s national fruit. Before the fruit opens to expose the black seeds, it is poisonous and not edible.

National Flower
Every part of the lovely Lignum Vitae’s plant has a useful or medicinal property, which is why the flower’s name is latin for “Wood of Life.”
Facts about Jamaica: Lignum vitae Jamaica's national fruit

Jamaica’s national flower, Lignum Vitae

National Tree
The towering Blue Mahoe is renowned for the beauty of its hibiscus-like flowers and blue-green bark. It’s also know as the Cuba bark, for previously being used to tie Cuban cigars. The blue mahoe is favored for furniture and cabinet making.
Facts about Jamaica: Jamaican's national tree blue mahoe

National tree, the blue mahoe

National Bird
The fabled, iridescent Doctor Bird is an incredibly unique hummingbird that is found only in Jamaica.
Facts about Jamaica: Jamaicas National Bird Doctor Bird

Jamaicas National Bird: Doctor Bird

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